Hi, I'm Surabhi

I am a Serial Entrepreneur & Coach

I have built 2 multi-million dollar companies. 

My flagship was a Tech company that worked for India’s top private sector banks.

After 21 years, I decided to move on.
I successfully divested & exited my company.

Now, I run a boutique advisory firm for entrepreneurs and help them achieve sustainable growth & success.

Hi, I'm Surabhi

I am a Serial Entrepreneur & Coach

I have built 2 multi-million dollar companies. 

My flagship was a Tech company that worked for India’s top private sector banks.

After 21 years, I decided to move on.

I successfully divested & exited my company.

Now, I run a boutique advisory firm for entrepreneurs and help them achieve sustainable growth & success.


The Foundation

Diving into the US startup scene as a software engineer, I gained experience with US startups, where I learned the importance of developing mastery and keen eye for quality.

Through working with various small and medium-sized IT companies, and then JPMorgan, I learned how they operated differently.

In 2005, I joined my husband in our Tech start-up, Tejora Technologies, and unknowingly, my entrepreneurship training started.

My 2 Businesses

Over the years, my responsibilities multiplied as the business expanded with clients including Fortune 100 companies in the US and private sector banks and financial service companies in India and UAE.

Alongside this, I co-founded Elixir Fitness in 2007, gaining experience in the highly competitive retail and services industry. This business taught me the true meaning of being a “Business Owner”.

I learned to trust my own instincts. I learned product & package development, Sales & Marketing, Customer delight, and most importantly cash flow & bottom line. We divested & exited Elixir in 2012.

Rising from Ashes

Then, in 2017, my life changed overnight with the sudden loss of my husband & life and business partner of 20 years.

The company’s responsibility fell solely on me while I was dealing with my grief.

The next 2 years, I focused solely on stabilizing the company, which was further challenged by covid. But with a committed team and loyal customers, we continued our steady growth.

During this time, I realized the true value of our creation: a great team, culture & huge goodwill with clients. Priceless.

The Transition

In the next 2 years, I realized my desire to create a larger impact with smaller operations. I started preparing towards divesting my stake. Presenting to investors in multiple rounds was a great learning experience, it provided insight into how a business gets valued beyond books.

As due diligence progressed, impressed with our robust systems, processes, people, and customer list, I received a full buyout offer. Something I felt ready for. An opportunity to start anew after 18 years, and I took it.

Early 2022, I exited my flagship, taking time for self-care and reflection while processing the transition.

And Now,

I loved coaching my teams; seeing their professional and personal growth was incredibly fulfilling. Reflecting on what the future holds for me, I discovered a deep desire to work as a Coach and Mentor.

This desire led me to formal coach training from ICF (International Coaching Federation), a course in applied neuroscience, and many such trainings.

With my 20+ years of experience building and selling successful businesses, I understand the challenges entrepreneurs face firsthand.

I leverage my expertise in revenue generation, lean operations, and leadership to equip them with practical strategies and actionable insights to increase their chances of immediate success.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, experiencing rapid growth, or seeking to optimize profitability, my coaching provides the necessary guidance to navigate the complexities of your entrepreneurial journey.


Surabhi Shenoy Coaching & Advisory

I have spent years dedicated to personal growth to become more effective in leading my businesses and life. I have been blessed with great coaches and mentors to guide and course-correct me; And now, I believe, it’s my turn to give back.


“A world where leaders are efficient in growing their businesses so industries and economies can flourish.”


“I am on a mission to empower entrepreneurs to build valuable businesses.



With courage, you can achieve the impossible


Live a purposeful life having fun doing what I do

Growth Mindset

Continuous learning and focus on progress


With trust, hearts open, and connections deepen


Together, we achieve more than you can alone


True success is in the balance of different aspects of life

Coaching Philosophy

I coach the person and not the problem.

I believe that every leader holds within them the potential to achieve whatever they set out to. 

My coaching philosophy is to champion their journey through self-discovery, which ignites their potential for transformation. Through a collaborative approach I empower leaders to discover their own solutions, chart their course, and achieve success.

Happy Clients!


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