What They Say?

What They Say?


Before engaging with Surabhi Shenoy, our path was cluttered with the complexities of managing multiple business ventures. The challenge was not just in the execution but in the strategic alignment of our vision, mission, and brand promises across these diverse enterprises. We found ourselves in need of a guiding force to clear the fog and set a definitive direction for growth and development.

In the past two months under Surabhi’s guidance, we’ve experienced a profound transformation. She has been instrumental in helping us sift through the clutter in our minds and on our desks. With her expertise, we’ve been able to define clear, individual visions and missions for each of our business ventures, aligning them in a way that not only makes sense on paper but resonates with our team and our market.

Surabhi’s approach is both methodical and empathetic, blending practical business acumen with a deep understanding of the emotional and psychological barriers that can hinder an entrepreneur’s journey. She provided us with the tools to not only set our brand promises but to live by them, creating a cohesive identity that speaks to our values and aspirations.

Nikhil Shetty
Co-Founder Kenstone Capital

Running a family legacy of 95 years felt like a tight rope walk. Expand? Invest? Sell? 

Surabhi didn’t push, she listened. Unhurried, she guided me to my own vision, unlocking value creation paths no matter the next step.”

Her knowledge of strategy and money management is not from some book but very practical, battle-tested, and real.

We have been optimizing open capacity in stores and factory, working on adding revenue lines and improving cash flow. She has been highlighting my brand’s great features that I had stopped seeing. 

She is not only helping me in the business but also in my time and energy management. She is a true CEO Coach.

95 years in, I’m ready for the next chapter, thanks to Surabhi.

If you want to grow, optimize operations, and increase valuation, then engage Surabhi and reap the rewards.

Mihir Shah
Director, N Gopaldaas Jewellers

A regular reset is a practice to preach was the outcome of our collaboration with Surabhi. The mirror that could guide us effectively and efficiently with self introspection and  self assessment was the role played by her. At Blue Logic we could identify the gaps in our actions, within our process and ultimately with the desired outcome. Surabhi could help us bring in the clarity needed & correct the course of our actions in sync with our own vision

We were struggling to make sense of our business performance data.

Working with Surabhi, brought clarity and insights to our data, helping us truly understand our strengths and weaknesses.

Surabhi’s expeirience is a valuable asset to any business looking to improve performance and achieve strategic goals.

Janak Sarda
Founder, BlueLogic

On the very first coaching call with Surabhi, I realized that it’s the inner game that determines our external results. In just a couple of sessions, I have made a huge mental shift, which is guiding my business strategies.

Surabhi’s business coaching style allows us to explore our natural curiosity to find answers from within. With her vast entrepreneurial experience and keen business acumen, she suggests changes when our own strategies aren’t crafted well enough.

I feel confident about my next step in business at the end of each coaching session.

Whether you are a seasoned entrepreneur or planning to get started, I recommend talking to Surabhi.

Shiv Shenoy
Solopreneur & Online Creator

From the moment I started working with Surabhi, she has been an invaluable sounding board, always there to listen and offer her wisdom and support.

Surabhi’s questions have been instrumental in helping me introspect and think differently about many aspects of my business. Her insights & perspective have challenged me to look at things from new angles and consider alternative solutions. I always look forward to my sessions with her.

Omprakash Maurya
CEO, Diacto Technologies

I have been wanting to start my business for more than a year, but questions like how to exactly go about it were not letting me move forward. I agreed to meet Surabhi for one online session, and after that, I knew I wanted to continue.
She instantly connected with me and helped me organize my thoughts. Her patient listening and positive guidance helped me focus on my goals without being dogmatic. She’s brutally honest and clear in her communication, nudging me in the right direction. Her vast experience in dealing with tricky situations positions her well as a coach. I trust her process.

Dr. Manish Pai

Lost, stuck, career blah? Surabhi was my game-changer. She’s not your average cheerleader coach – she cuts through the fluff, pinpoints your strengths (and weaknesses!), and gives you real, actionable advice (none of that self-help book mumbo jumbo!).

She holds you accountable, celebrates your wins, and supports you like a true champion.

Thanks to Surabhi, I exude calm confidence. I know my expertise, and I’m ready to thrive, no matter what.

Investing in yourself with Surabhi? Best. Decision. Ever.  (And as Bill Gates would say, everyone needs a coach!).

Highly recommend it, without a doubt.

Nissim Nabar
International PM Consultant

Surabhi is an inspiring leader, supportive coach, great listener and a sounding board. She can play devil’s advocate and ask hard-hitting questions which you have been evading for a while. She will not sweet talk you. She gives her 100% to coaching and expects the same from you.

You get the most benefit out of her coaching when you complete the homework – mostly requiring deep thinking and introspection.

She holds you accountable and doesn’t settle for anything but your best efforts.

I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with her, for they were so insightful and interesting. She holds a mirror to the true you. It’s a journey of self-discovery, being able to see your blind spots and developing self discipline in the process.

Suma Bhat
Senior Director Analytics & Automation | Scrum Master

I am a fitness coach and was looking to add more revenue channels. Surabhi’s coaching helped me identify my skills and niche, and then I could connect them with available opportunities.
Her vast entrepreneurship experience and understanding of the human mind made her inputs incredibly practical and valuable. She is an excellent listener who pushed me to think deeply and find my own answers, which made me feel empowered and in control.
Her expertise and insights have been invaluable, and I am grateful for the support she has provided. If you are looking to start your business or struggling, try Surabhi’s coaching.

Fitness Coach

Surabhi draws on her solid 2 decades of entrepreneurship and business leadership to coach and give insightful and practical guidance on a wide range of business leadership issues and topics. 

She has helped me in my own personal startup journey with my business. I thoroughly recommend her to any CEO, entrepreneur or business leader as a value adding coach and mentor.

Mark Cowley
Independent International Project Management Consultant

As an embroidery artist & aspiring entrepreneur, I needed some expert help to take the plunge. While I had a clear idea of what I wanted to achieve, I was struggling to figure out how to get there. I can say that coaching sessions with Surabhi were transformative,
Our conversations started with my personal Story & State of mind. Surabhi was able to identify some of the mental blocks that were holding me back. And through a series of exercises and discussions, she helped me open my mind and move from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset.
We also discussed strategies to build my brand and how to develop my product line. Clarity is motivating me to take action.

Jui Patwardhan
Embroidery Artist & Aspiring Entrepreneur

Surabhi has played a pivotal role in shaping a part of my personality. I’m grateful for her guidance. She was a coach & mentor who pushed me to think and introspect on the areas that no YouTube videos could do.

Our sessions were intense but after them, I always felt refreshed and ready to take on life. She is so non-judgmental that I could be candid with her and feel safe. She is observant and could read into me, asking me the next question from that place.

I am so happy & satisfied with the lasting results of our sessions because now, even others see an actual shift in my personality. I am looking forward to many more sessions !!!

Jennifer Kochhar
HR professional

I have been struggling to dream again, decide upon a path and follow through. Setting up a goal and fueling the journey with interest has always been challenging for me.
Sessions with Surabhi helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses and helped me focus on the areas I needed to improve. The actionable steps she suggested have led to noticeable changes in my self-awareness.
With Surabhi, I always felt speaking and sharing in a safe professional space, with her questions worth pondering upon. Every homework gave more depth to my self-awareness.
I am grateful that I chose to give coaching a try.

Ankit Kelkar
Augmented Reality Enthusiast
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